Premium Domain Names At A Fair Price

Gomez Domains is not your typical domain reseller. All domains listed on this website are domain names that we genuinely plan on developing websites for. We just buy so many domains that we cannot possibly keep up with our own ideas. So, in order to allow others with similar ideas to succeed, we make our domain names available until we get to the idea behind them.

The prices listed on the website are the asking price. We do negotiate our prices but because of the fact that we don't actually intend on selling them, we are not in a hurry to do so. The price listed is the price we are willing to let them go for so counteroffers must be within an acceptable range. Every day, as we get closer to approaching the ideas and continue to invest in them, the price of the domain goes up. For some domains, the prices go up faster than others due to to how close we are at pursuing the concept or how much investment we are making behind the scenes. But, the longer we hold them, the more expensive they become because they become more valuable to us.

If you have an idea for one of our domains, buy it from us or make a counteroffer. That's what this website is for. But, if you don't we are excited about using the domain for our future projects and hope to partner with you at that time.

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Gomez Innovations, Inc.
Phone: (813) 441-9814, Extension 200
Please note that all domain name purchases are final and no portion of the transaction is refundable. Once you purchase the domain name, please allow for up to three (3) business days for the domain name to be transferred to you. An eNom account will be created using the information you provide to us, and the domain name will be pushed to that account. You will be sent the username and password to your account within three (3) business days, and you may choose to keep the account or transfer the domain to another registrar. However, please note that Gomez Innovations Inc does not provide the service of transferring the domain name name to your registrar and it should not be expected as part of this transaction. All transactions require verification of funds and a faxed signature of the final Domain Name Sale Agreement provided to you upon receipt of funds. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover for domains under $10,000. For premium domains over $10,000, we conduct all transactions through Escrow.Com upon receipt of an executed domain name purchase agreement.